It is 7/7/14. Since my 34th year in this lifetime, I have been on a journey of mind and body recomposition. When I began walking this road, I did not have a full understanding of why it felt so urgent and important. However, in the past few months I have come to learn a few things and I am here on this particular date to tell you that every step I have taken since the 1st day of the 1st month of the 2012th year AD, has been because I AM:

A Temple: Beautifully and wonderfully formed to house my indomitable spirit

An Altar: More ancient, mysterious and powerful than Stonehenge to love and honour my Abrahamic spouse

A Shelter: Firmer, stronger and more enduring than the Pyramids to nurture my obedient children

It is 7/7/14. 7 represents wholeness and completeness and perfection of both the physical and the spiritual.

I bless you! May it be as I have spoken it!